Free delivery from 110 euros of purchase

Secured Payment


The payment of the customer’s purchases on the website is done by bank card. The banks cards accepted are the following : credit card, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. During the finalisation of the order process, the customer is asked to fill in their card number, its expiry date as well as the 3 last digit number of the card security code at the back of the card. The checks are not accepted as means of payment on the website The payment detail as well as the order number are on the confirmation email sent to the customer.

Measures against bank fraud

NORDIS reserves the liberty to check the personal data given by the customer and to adopt any measures deemed necessary (a request for documentary evidence and/or the cancellation of the order) to check that the person whose bank account is debited is the one who placed an order, thus avoiding any fraudulent use of bank card numbers on their website.

Security of the payment

For any article that is proposed for sale, the customer has the possibility to pay by bank card by filling in their 16-digit card number, its expiry date and the card security code at the back of the card, following the kind of card used.

The ordered goods belong to NORDIS until the full payment of the bill.

The customer vouches for the fact that they have all the requested authorisations to make the payment by bank card. In the case of a payment by bank card without authentication, the payment order may be denied in the case of a fraudulent use of the card, in accordance with the contract concluded between the customer and their bank establishment.

The firm NORDIS delegates to BNP Paribas bank the use of cryptological means to secure the transactions in accordance with the law in force. The bank information is solely conveyed to BNP Paribas bank and are 128 bits SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted. In no case has BNP Paribas bank knowledge of the customer’s bank number. The apparition of « https://... » in the address bar and of a pictogram at the bottom of the customer’s browser are the proofs accepted by the customer. Each payment by bank card is submitted to a request for authorisation to the customer’s bank. It is the latter that accepts or denies the payment transaction.